Glenn Sorrentino

Research. Design. Iterate. Repeat.

I'm Glenn, a Senior Product Designer at Salesforce in San Francisco, CA and I like solving big problems.


I work on Search, Knowledge1, the log-in & identity and geo-mapping experiences for our S1 mobile apps and our desktop experience. I create user-centered and forward-thinking experiences founded on research and team collaboration.

Salesforce Safe Harbor Statement


Zinio is an app that focuses on making the best editorial content available to users all over the world. I helped with their mobile design platforms that include iOS, Android, Windows8 and BB RIM.

Zinio Mobile Suite


This is a project I did for my sister who had a recent bout with breast cancer. She asked me to do something for her that she could use as a logo, a tattoo, or whatever. Created originally with lace and hot glue, then photographed and recreated in Adobe Illustrator.

Love Logo

USMC Challenge Coins

I joined the Marine Corps in 2001. I was lucky to find opportunities where I was able to design insignias and coins for my Battalion. Challenge Coins are given to Marines by senior members of the chain of command as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement of good work.

USMC Coins



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