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I'm a Lead Product Designer at Salesforce that delivers user-centered, data-driven, beautiful software that your users will love.

This is some of my most recent work.

Lightning Search

Search in Lightning adapts to how you use Salesforce, searches across apps, and intelligently organizes your results to help you find what you're looking for as quickly as possible.

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Signal Desktop

The Signal desktop client is a Chrome app that allows users to chat on their computer with the Signal contacts on their phone. Signal is developed by Open Whisper Systems and offers privacy and security through encrypted texting and phone calls. Do you use Signal and want to support the team? Donate here.

Search Pre-Filtering

Pre-filtering allows a user to set specific criteria for their search in advanced so that their results are more refined, allowing customers to help their customers faster and with more precision.

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Salesforce Login

When we launched Lightning we knew that first impressions mattered. The new login page is fully accessible, is more aligned with the product than ever before, and has a flexible framework for creatively communicating with our customers.

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Salesforce Authenticator makes it easy to keep your data secure. Authenticator uses contextual authentication and location-based automation to make two-factor more powerful and easier on the user.

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App Launcher

The App Launcher connects users to the apps they need to work. Users can access their apps globally and can drag and drop apps into their preferred order.

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Salesforce1 Search

Search on Salesforce1 helps customers find the data they need before that big meeting, when working in the field, or when on the go.

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Search Design System Guidelines - Coming Soon

Customers, product teams, designers and executives can go to the Search guidelines in SLDS to learn about the different aspect of the search experience and find best practices for applying the different solutions to new use cases.

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Zinio makes global journalism accessible to everyone with an internet connection. I was their mobile designer and worked on smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Android, Windows and RIM.

Hi, I'm Glenn

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I’m a Lead Product Designer at Salesforce on the Platform UX team, leading the design of the Search experience for our Lightning desktop and Salesforce1 mobile products. I successfully partner with cross-team product managers, designers and engineers, I help to deliver products, features and systems that solve user needs and support business goals. I help to ensure quality and consistency by delivering research-driven and accessible designs, by contributing documentation and usage guidelines, and delivering systems that are powerful, flexible and intuitive to use.

My love for UX is was formed through seeing the impact that good (and bad) design makes in peoples lives, and it all started when I first opened Photoshop; layers, masks, blending colors, gradients, LENS FLARES - I felt like I just unlocked a super power. Through tools like this, I could now create something out of nothing, I could now communicate through a whole new medium. My sights were set, and my journey began. After high school I joined the Marines and Photoshop was the thing that allowed me to feel autonomous in a very structured, uniformed and hierarchical environment. It allowed me to express myself creatively in a world of white glove inspections, platoon formations and demanding rules. When I left the military for college, I immersed myself into learning design, landed an internship near campus at a design agency, and started growing in my career. I eventually made it out to San Francisco where I experienced the chaos of joining a startup, and now a Fortune 500 enterprise software company. With skills and disciplines acquired along the way in research, design and collaboration, this path has become something else entirely for me. It’s not only something that has changed my life, it’s something that changes the lives of the people that use your software. It’s a great responsibility, and one that I feel honored and humbled to be a part of.

When I’m not at work, I’m often offering pro-bono services to causes that I believe are important. I’ve volunteered with Open Whisper Systems - a group that develops secure voice, text and video communication software - helping their team redesign their desktop Chrome app, creating collateral for app stores, fundraising campaigns and other activities. My latest pro-bono project is for an open source file-sharing app called OnionShare, a tool that allows sources to send files securely and anonymously to journalists.

Though it sometimes feels like I’m part cyborg, I’m an advocate of putting the phone down, closing your laptop and getting outside. I’m constantly looking to balance the benefits our technology affords us while not forgetting the importance of things like nature and the humanities. When I disconnect you can find me exploring Highway 1, riding my bike, hanging with my dogs, spending time in the garden, or enjoying art and music.

If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on or the next big idea that you want to bring to life, please contact me using the information below.

Thanks for stopping by,

Peace, Love, and Usability


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