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👋 I'm a Principal Product Designer at Salesforce in San Francisco with a passion for creating products that improve productivity, security, and privacy for people online.

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Case Studies

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Einstein Voice Assistant

A conversational way to update, create, and read data in Salesforce.

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Einstein Search

The fastest way to find and take action on your data.

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CalyxOS Website

Coming Soon

CalyxOS is a privacy-and-security-conscious mobile operating system, giving users an alternative to the Big Tech software makers.

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Signal Desktop

Signal is a free and open-source, easy-to-use chat application that brings strong encryption to the masses.


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Driving Application Experience via Configurable Search-Based Navigation Interface


Disclosed are some implementations of systems, apparatus, methods, and computer program products for facilitating web site navigation using a search-based navigation interface of a web-based application or browser service. A plurality of sources can be searched to identify a set of items based, at least in part, on user input received via a search input interface element of the search-based navigation interface. Each item of the set of items can correspond to an object of one of a plurality of object types. A user interface object including user-selectable options can be provided for display in proximity to the search input interface element, where each item of the set of items corresponds to a different one of the user-selectable options. In response to a user selection of one of the user-selectable options corresponding to an item of the set of items, access to the corresponding object can be provided.

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Methods and Apparatus for Presenting Search Results According to a Priority Order Determined by User Activity


A method for presenting a graphical user interface (GUI) of a software application connected to a server, the software application comprising at least a database, is provided. The method receives, at the server, user input comprising a search; generates, at the server, a set of search results based on the search, the set of search results being associated with entities of the software application, each of the entities comprising a respective database object containing predefined categories of data, the database comprising at least the database object; determines a priority order of the search results, based on user interaction history with the entities; and presents, via the GUI, the search results according to the priority order.

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Methods and Systems for Determining Persona of Participants by the Participant Use of a Software Product


A method and system for creating an app consistent with an arrangement of an object and an associated template using a platform. The method includes downloading a plurality of templates for creating an app and each of the templates contains identification information for associating a template with at least one of a plurality of online components. Then, defining an online component by selecting the associated template and an object for an online component selection, wherein the object includes at least multimedia data for display on the graphic app. Finally, capturing together by video both the object and the associated template with the identification information to match to an online component which corresponds to the identification information and to create the online component from the match together with the multimedia data in a manner consistent with the arrangement of the object and associated template when captured by video.

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User Interface for Polymorphic Lookup


System, method, and computer product embodiments for proving a graphical user interface (GUI) for a GUI object are described. A computing device provides, within the GUI, a polymorphic lookup interface for retrieving a plurality of entity instances to relate to the GUI object. The computing device provides a plurality of types of entities within the polymorphic lookup interface. A type of entity selected from the plurality of types limits the possible entity instances that may be returned. Through the polymorphic lookup interface, the computing device enables a user to select two or more entity instances to relate to the GUI object. Each of the selected entity instances may be selected from a plurality of possible entity instances that are returned, where each possible entity instance is a same type of entity.

About Me

I'm Glenn, a product designer, open-source contributor, and dog lover 🐶. I have agency, freelance, startup, and enterprise experience and am passionate about working on software that helps users with productivity, security, and privacy online. I'm a graduate of Virginia Tech and a Marine Corps veteran 🎖. Currently, I'm a Principal Product Designer at Salesforce and have worked on Voice, Search, Identity & Authentication, and other Platform solutions.

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